In 1986 a group of concerned Ardmorites joined hands and Ardmore Animal Care was organized. There was a shared concern for the increasing problem of unwanted, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals in our area. Time had taken a severe toll on our animal shelter on Park Street SE and we were in desperate need of replacement. The shelter was located next to an open sewer lift station in a high crime area. Break-ins, robbery, and vandalism were monthly occurrences. The facility was inadequate and unsafe for both pets and people. The roof leaked, fences and posts were rusting away. There was dangerous overcrowding, conditions that harbored disease, and a location so poor that our much needed volunteer workers feared for their own safety when giving their time to help.

A massive fund drive was instituted and every citizen in Ardmore was contacted to help raise the necessary funds to build a proper facility. The City Commissioners donated the land, consisting of 13 plus acres. The City of Ardmore helped with funds set aside from the building of the old shelter, put our driveway and parking lot in place, and contributed some of our building funds. Two foundation in Ardmore made generous contributions to the effort. But most pleasing was the cooperation of the citizens of Ardmore who gave their money. That money came in from donations of one dollar to donations of several thousand dollars. The new shelter was completely paid for with these donated funds.

Those who have been to the new shelter should be very proud of our facility. We have people from all over the state coming to visit and to ask how they can duplicate what we have done. We have weekly classes in obedience training for dogs. We have school children from pre-school age through high school coming to our building for programs. We go to nursing homes, hospitals, veteran home, etc. with trained therapy pets.

The Ardmore Animal Care Animal Shelter is a state of the art facility second to none. We are an example for humane animal care for the state of Oklahoma and even the southwestern part of the United States made possible by the generosity and concern of the citizens of Ardmore.

— Thanks to Carol Brown for providing the above information.