Item Donations

Items needed ASAP: 

Puppy food – canned and dry
Canned dog and cat food
Dog and cat treats (milkbones)
Kitty litter
Dog and cat toys
Towels and Blankets
Laundry detergent
Dishwashing liquid
Paper towels
Black ink pens
Copy paper
Postage stamps

Monetary Donations and Volunteering

*Your Time*   Please come give some love and attention to the pets.  They need to be walked, bathed, and given attention daily.

*Monetary donations*  Donations can be designated for education or our spay/neuter charity program.  All undesignated donations are put in our general fund to help care for the animals on a daily basis.

The average cost to feed, shelter, bathe, wellness check, vaccinate as needed, and spay or neuter is nearly $40.00 per animal.  We handle approximately 700 animals a month, and attempt to educate the public on responsible animal care.

“Ellen’s Friends”

ellens-friends“Ellen’s Friends” is a life-size, bronze rendition of an eight year old girl with a cat in her arms and a cat at her feet that is located near the entrance of the Ardmore Animal Shelter. A bequest made by Ellen Woods Westheimer became reality in December of 1998. The sculptor, Christopher Kerry Tullis, was commissioned by the Westheimer family to create an art piece that expressed Ellen’s love of cats.

The sculpture was first made of clay then sent to Santa Fe, New Mexico to be cast in Bronze. After several months the long awaited day arrived for it to be
set in a concrete base on the front lawn of the animal shelter.

Over seventy people braved the very cold winter day to attend the unveiling ceremony. They had the opportunity to meet the artist and his young friend, Katie, who posed for the sculpture.

After the unveiling and a quick picture taking session, the warmth of hot cider, cappuccino and cookies were enjoyed. We are especially pleased to have cats adopted by some of the attendees.

Ellen loved all things beautiful and through her influence of family and friends there is a bonanza of art to enjoy in our city including a permanent collection of valuable paintings, several lovely sculptures, an excellent live theater, a skilled choral society and an art center with a variety of performing arts.

Cats were a special part of Ellen’s life and became an inspiration for the artist. We are grateful to her and proud to be the recipient of this wonderful bronze sculpture that graces our front entrance.

The following links will navigate you through sections that can help you with your pet or help you decide which pet might be right for you. We also give the history of our shelter and other useful information. If you would like to see more, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us.