Shelter Programs


Patient Dogs… Love Heals

Dogs have worked for centuries; people have valued them for their skills in hunting, herding, guarding and retrieving. But a dog’s most valuable skill is his ability to bring cheer, calm and comfort to people who could not otherwise enjoy the pleasure of owning a dog, people in hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions. It takes a special personality, both in dogs and in people to succeed at this valuable activity.

Life in an institutional setting can be dreary for patients; thus, a dog’s visits can be special. Patients have something to look forward to if a dog and handler make regularly scheduled visits. Many patients, whether children, elderly people, or people with disabilities, do not get enough of the basic human need to be physically touched. Dogs help fill this need.

A therapy dog’s visit can bring some people’s wandering minds back to the present. Remembering is a good mental exercise, and one benefit of the dog’s visit is that it helps stimulate memories.

Health care professionals are very enthusiastic about therapy dogs, and psychological studies have shown the positive benefits from interaction between people and dogs. Medical studies have shown that stroking a dog (or cat) can lower a person’s blood pressure and reduce stress.

Ardmore Animal Care, Inc. Animal Shelter regularly visit nursing homes, assisted living centers, retirement centers, rehab facilities, and hospitals with pets for patient therapy. Volunteers are always needed to help with this worthwhile program. If you are interested in participating in pet therapy visits, please contact the animal shelter at 223-7070.

Visits are scheduled at no charge.

Education is in the fun

We offer educational programs for children of all ages concerning the responsibilities of pet ownership, animal care, careers, how to play with pets, and bite prevention. Our speakers are available to present informative programs to schools, daycares, civic organizations, churches and other groups in the community and we always enjoy the opportunity to “show off” our animals and staff with tours of our facility.  Just call us to make an appointment for your group or organization.


We own and operate a crematorium on the shelter grounds.  Private and communal cremations are available.  Private cremations cost $150.00 to $250.00 depending on the pet’s size.  Communal cremations are $45.00 to $65.00.  Arrangements can be made by bringing your deceased pet to our shelter at 321 Carol Brown Blvd. or by calling 580-223-7070.

Foster Parent Opportunities

We need loving foster parents for animals that are not available for adoption due to an injury, unweaned, awaiting transport, or any number of reasons. By becoming a foster parent, you provide temporary housing and care for those animals that may need a little more special attention until they become adoptable or those awaiting transport to a facility in another state.  By taking foster animals into your home, you also take on certain responsibilities.   You will need to feed, shelter, and love the animal(s) for a designated period ranging from 2 weeks to 12 weeks depending on what works best for your home.   To help you with your foster care, Ardmore Animal Shelter will provide all items needed (when available) to care for the animal(s).   You can apply to be a foster parent by emailing or by clicking on the foster animals individual foster link.


We often take our adoptable residents “off site” for adoption.   We try to attend city functions and special events with our animals, hopefully, to find some of our homeless pets loving homes.   Maybe this way, we reach a few people we would not normally see.   We always offer a discount on the adoption fee at adopt-a-thons and have plenty of animal educational information available. Volunteers are always needed to help with adopt-a-thons.