Adoption Information



Our adoption fee includes initial vaccinations, worming, spay/neutering and a free veterinarian exam.  We often have discounts and specials on adoptions prices – please contact us to discover what current pricing is.

We want you to be happy with your new pet and for your new pet to be happy with you. Before adopting a pet, please be sure that you understand the responsibilities that go along with pet ownership. Adopting a new pet will take patience, persistence, and time. It takes effort in the beginning but you will be rewarded with the most amazing and loving companion you could ask for!

  • Who is your favorite pet in the world?  Why?  What do you like about him?  Look for a pet of similar activity level and age at the shelter.
  • Do you have children?  Is this pet good around children?  Are the children good around pets?
  • How much does a pet cost?  Think of  food, veterinarian care, bedding, toys, collars, leashes, a dog house, a litter tray, grooming, etc.
  • Imagine coming home from work, or arriving home after being out all day.  How do you envision your pet responding?  Do you need to chill out, or would you like to go exercise?  Will barking be a problem?
  • Imagine a typical evening in your home.  What would be the ideal picture if you include a pet?  Is he on the couch with you…is he lying peacefully at your feet…is he playing with the children?  This picture will give you an idea of what kinds of rules and limits to set on your new pet.
  • Imagine a typical weekend.  How will you include a pet?  Do your typical weekend activities include a pet?  Are you a hiking family or a sedentary household.  Who will care for your pet on vacation or trips?
  • Evaluate your household.  Do you live in an apartment or a house?  Do you have a fenced-in yard?  Do you plan to leash walk?  Will your pet need to get along with other pets?  This is actually a critical evaluation, one that can really make or break the permanency of the relationship with your new pet.

Remember, there is nothing convenient about owning a pet.  It takes effort, but you will be rewarded with the most amazing and loving companion you could ask for!